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The only towing company in ABQ and Rio Rancho that treats and cares for your vehicles like ours. We care less for what the size of your vehicles are, small or big, there’s nothing we can’t tow. Towing it is easy, just let us know so. If you’re in need towing the most, then give us a call. We’re quick, dependable, convenient, and nearby.

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About Shelps Towing Services of ABQ and Rio Rancho

We have been serving the tow truck needs of ABQ and Rio Rancho since we opened. Your satisfaction is our number one priority! We are happy to offer a wide variety services for all types vehicles–from light trucks that can fit around tight spaces like garages or closets too heavy haulers on commercial corridors where space may not always permit such large machines into an area unloading zone safely due their weight classifications alone.

At our Towing Services, we understand that you can’t always predict when your car might break down. No one wants the hassle of finding an alternate form of transportation or waiting around all day for someone from work who is in no rush to arrive! When your car breaks down, it’s comforting to know that there is someone nearby who can help. Contact us for all of the services you need: high-quality tow trucking at a low cost! A broken engine or other mechanical issue may cause anyone some distress; luckily we’re here with 24/7 roadside assistance in case anything goes wrong while waiting on repairs from qualified technicians. It doesn’t matter how far away they are – whenever issues arise our team will be sure not only diagnose what needs fixing straightaway.

You can always depend on us to deliver excellence.

When you need a tow, despite the size or condition of your car, we’ll be there. Our 24-hour towing service covers all vehicle make and models so that even if it’s not running when first inspected by us – whether because something has broken on its own (as may happen with some cars) or due an accident–we can still get them back up & running safely!

When you are in need of fast and efficient towing services, contact our 24-hour hotline for assistance. One of our friendly drivers will be on site within minutes with all the necessary equipment at your location ready to go! We also use GPS tracking technology so we can monitor where each driver is throughout their shift without any worries or delays as they work hard serving us right away.

We’re entirely dedicated to towing as a passion, mission and vocation here at Shelps Towing! We solely serve residents in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho with our commitment of exceptional service for all your needs whether big or small – because it doesn’t matter where they come from; what matters most is how much time has been wasted due to an unforeseen circumstance while driving around feeling frustrated about being unable provide transportation back home safely.

Towing services are a vital part of any community, and we at Shelps Towing Company ABQ know this better than anyone. We work hard to maintain our position as the best tow truck in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque because it’s important for you – your safety depends on us! With reliable trucks equipped with Heavy Duty Batteries (for heavy traffic) installed continuously by qualified technicians; 24-hour dispatch service that strives not only answer all calls promptly but also return phone call within minutes despite how busy they may be–no matter where their location while providing exceptional customer care–we guarantee quick response times whether during normal business hours or even holidays!

most reliable and affordable towing service in ABQ and Rio Rancho

Best Towing Services in ABQ and Rio Rancho, New Mexico

We can also assist you with a variety of other towing services, such as moving vehicles between states or from one car dealership to another. For all your needs whether commercial or residential our tow truck service is available for both private individuals and businesses. We work efficiently at getting the job done quickly while being courteous throughout!

We’re serious about our prices. In fact, we believe they have to be competitive without being too low in order for us and you both (the customer) can benefit from quality services that won’t break your bank account too much – which means there’s always cash on hand when needed! Maintaining an economy while obtaining access New Mexico’s best tow truck service is what sets us apart from other companies out there, who just want their business at any cost, but don’t care if it comes with expensive rates or not.

We have put in countless hours of hard work and patience to make this a success. We strive for outstanding services, with our rates among the most competitive as well as using state-of-the art equipment that will help us provide you with safe transportation on your journey!

Need a tow truck for your car? We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days week and can help with any project no matter how large or small. From emergency situations to just needing assistance getting home after an unfortunate event like being stranded without transportation – our fleet is ready!

Our team of experts are here for you when your day needs a helping hand. We have heavy duty wreckers, which means we can tow large trucks and get roadside assistance fast! We founded this local ABQ towing service so people could count on professional drivers like ours who will arrive quickly without breaking any traffic laws in order provide quality customer service 24/7 365 days per year. People calls us and says “I need a professional tow truck service near me.” – And that is why we exist today. 

We have giant tow trucks as well, but we welcome all size vehicles. Call us at (505) 977-0463 and our knowledgeable operators will get you on your way with a quick call back! A business should always strive for customer satisfaction no matter what service they provide; this is why every one of our friendly staff members are trained to help whenever possible including within the hour if needed – that’s how confident in their work ethic these professionals really seem about handling whatever situation arises while still maintaining professionalism throughout interactions.

We have a team of tow truck experts who will go above and beyond to help get you out. Towing is more than just our business; it’s something that we enjoy because every day, helping others by providing them with the valuable service they need from us – which means there are no worries about charges for any towing situations – because it will never break your bank!

Our Clients Love Us

“I was impressed by how much attention to detail these guys pay. They are very professional and always on time! The best part is that they make sure everything has been explained clearly before leaving so there are no questions.”

“I was feeling a little anxious about the tow truck driver not being able to help me with my car issue, but then I called these guys and they arrived swiftly. They answered all of my questions professionally in order for me be on time for work- they even had everything ready when we needed it! The cost? A fair price indeed!””

“They provide excellent service. Quick, easy and professional- just what I’m looking for in a towing company! I hope that it will never come down to needing their services but if anything does happen then they are definitely my first call.”

A Tow Truck Company you can rely on in ABQ and Rio Rancho, NM

You can count on our team to get the job done. We provide dependability, professionalism and trustworthiness with an emphasis on customer service that will make you feel like royalty all while being treated as such! Our experienced staff has assembled from around New Mexico for a well-trained tow truck driver’s skill-set diverse fleet of modern cars in various conditions so no matter where your car goes we’ve got it covered there too.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of experienced professionals. We offer a free, no-obligation quote over the phone based on your desired vehicle type and location in order to make sure that you receive only quality service from start to finish. We won’t be leaving you until we make sure you’re safe and sound again.

To see how quick and convenient our wrecker services in ABQ, give us a call. For enterprises with large fleets of vehicles, we offer excellent towing contracts that can transport your automobiles from point A all the way to B as quickly as possible! This is also beneficial if you want to secure one vehicle on its own or several at once-our 24 hour roadside service makes sure those wheels stay rolling no matter what chaos unfolds around them.

We’re thrilled to be changing the towing industry in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, one happy customer at a time. We take all major credit cards as well as cash so your satisfaction is guaranteed! Let us know how we can help you out when emergencies arise or difficult situations strike – just call our office number: (505) 977-0463. 

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