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Auto Wrecker Services in ABQ and Rio Rancho



Auto Wrecker Services in ABQ and Rio Rancho

If you’ve been in an accident and your car has been totaled, it’s time to find a wrecker that will come pick up the pieces. Shelps Towing Services ABQ & Rio Rancho are here for fast service with quick response times – we’ll arrive within minutes of being notified so all that is left is loading up what remains of this once magnificent machine!

We also provide a comprehensive non-emergency wrecker service. If you have any old vehicles or equipment that’s cluttering up your garage, give us call – we’ll take care of it for you! Call today to see why New Mexico’s most trusted tow company by far is us!

Shelps Towing in ABQ and Rio Rancho is unique in several ways. First, we believe that our customers’ safety should be at the center of all decisions made during any exchange with us – this includes ensuring only qualified drivers are handling heavy equipment as well as providing clients with a working vehicle when applicable so no one has to walk home or wait around for public transportation which can take hours if not days depending on where they live! This is what makes us special. We work hard to make sure that the customer has a great experience and will go above and beyond for them, no matter what challenge they face in their search process with one of our ABQ or Rio Rancho offices!

Many people have lost trust in their local service providers these days, and for a good reason. After years of being mistreated by the company, this is totally understandable- but fear not! We here at Towing Service of ABQ and Rio Rancho would like you to know that we’re quite different than our competitors; with us it’s all about customer satisfaction from day one – no matter how long ago your last interaction was or what happened before then (everybody has bad experiences sometimes). Our ABQ/Rio Rancho tow truck services are well known throughout New Mexico as having been running successfully over the decades so rest assured when hiring on with someone who cares enough to make up for any past mistakes–we’ll take care of it.

We’re always happy to let you know ahead of time what’s going to happen. At the same time, we can rely on our experienced staff for an accurate and precise price estimate without any hidden fees or services that may not be readily apparent from just looking at a list of terms and conditions.

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